Good Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance (Revision 1)

The Board of Directors’ Meeting, no.1/2557 on February 27th, 2014 reviewed and passed a resolution on the company’s principles of Good Corporate Governance. To replace the original as follow;


Corporate Governance Policies 

The Principles of Corporate Governance

1. Rights of Shareholders

2. Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

3. Role of Stakeholders

4. Disclosure and Transparency

5. Responsibilities of the Board

Business Ethics

1. Responsibilities to stakeholders

2. Conflict of Interest

3. Reception, Receipts and Grants of Gifts

4. Combating Dishonest Acts Corruption

5. Non-infringement of Intellectual Property

6. Non-violation of Human Rights

7. Safety and Occupational Hygiene

Code of Conduct for Company Directors, Executives and Employees

1. Formal Responsibilities

2. Maintenance of Company Assets

3. Informants and Complaints

4. Interpretations