To be the leader in textile manufacturing and distributing by producing high quality products with social and environmental responsibilities.



1. Aim to produce and distribute high quality products in order to achieve highest customer satisfaction

2. Do business by considering social and environmental impact and build good relationship with the community

3. Provide reasonable benefits to shareholders, and treat them fairly and equitable Treatment of Shareholders

4. Maintain Good Corporate Governance practices in the organization for sustainable business growth

5. Encourage and Improve employee’s capability to build up their career stability and encourage their involvement in company’s development.

6. Adhere to and promote transparent business and Anti-corruption all forms.


Quality Policy of the Company

We continuously develop our products to achieve customers’ satisfaction by our quality management policy.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

One of Textile Prestige Public Company Limited’s management policies is to pursue international standard to bring about sustainability development. The company intends to manufacture quality and safe products to comply with her responsibility toward society and environment. Manufacturing processes are carried out in a minimal impact to the environment. Furthermore, the company intends to comply with business ethics and transparency. The company is concerning stakeholders’ benefit by strictly complying with laws and regulations. The company is supporting business partners who commit to society, against corruption, respect to human right and are transparently operating their businesses.


Policy on Environment.

We are committed to pursue our policy on environment as follows:

1. Rigorously observe relevant laws, rules and regulations on environment.
2. Nurture a company-wide awareness to be responsible Employees and provide a good care of the environment.
3. Efficiently utilizes our resources.
4. Improve the manufacturing process and the products to limit the adverse impact on the environment and always produce quality products.

5. Commit to reduce polluted water and air that may be caused by our manufacturing process.
6. Provide a frequent and periodic review and improvement of our environmental management plan.
7. Support and distribute information concerning environmental management to the public.